Darod (Somali language: Daarood) is a Somali clan.

The word Daarood means an 'enclosed compound,' consisting the two words of daar (compound) and ood (enclosed place by wall, trees, woods, fence, etc). Alternatively the word may be a nickname meaning "blessed" in Arabic.

Members of the Darod clan are patrilineal descendants of Shaykh Darood Jabarti. The Darod clan has long been involved with the politics of Somalia during the pre and post-independence periods. Ex-president Mohamed Siad Barre as well as colonial resistance figures Mohammed Abdullah Hassan and Ahmed Gurey belonged to the Darod clan.

Some sources, including the Canadian Report of the Somalia Commission of Inquiry, indicate that Darod is the largest Somali clan. Conversely, Human Rights Watch shows Hawiye as being the largest. The Darod population resides throughout northeastern, the Jubba valley and southwestern Somalia, northern Kenya, and Ethiopia's Somali Region (particularly the Ogaden area).

Noted Darod clan members

*Haji Ibrahim (Uunlaye) Majeerteen Cali Suleyman At one Somali wealthiest men.
*Dr.Cali Ismacil Cabdi (Giir) Leelkase Somali well known Politician and Minister Of Transportation
*Dr.Abdisamad Ilmi Hashi Cilmi Xashi,Leelkase,Somali well know poet.
*Maj. Gen Mohamed Siad Barre, Marehan, President of Somali State, 1969-1991
*Abdirashid Ali Shermarke, Majeerteen, President of Somali State, 1967-1969
*Maxamed Cabdulle Xasan, Sayyid (Sayid Mohammed Abdulle Hasan), Ogaden, the legendary Sayyid or Mad Mullah
*Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed, Majeerteen, president of Somalia
*Mohamoud Ali Shire, Warsangali, Legendary Sultan of the Warsangali clan
*Shire Jama Ahmed, Marehan, Inventor of Somali script
*Abdikarim Gelle Bayr, Marehan, The Computer Scientist and Literature.
*Col. Barre Adan Shire Hiiraale Marehan Cabinet Minister and Chairman of the Jubba Valley Allience, possibly the most powerful political allience in Somalia.
*Faarax Maxamed Jaamac 'Cawl' (1937-1992)-Warsangali-One of the most acclaimed Somali novelists.
*Dr. Abdulrahman Jama Barre, Marehan The longest serving Somali diplomat. Served in several ministerial dockets since 1950's including Foreign Affairs, Finance, Education and Deputy Prime Minister.
*Abdulqaadir Hirsi Yamyam, Marehan The foremost Somali poet, literarian, intellectual and peace activist.
*Abdirizak Haji Hussein, Majeerteen, prime minister
*Abdi Guled Mohamed, Marehan prime minister transition federal government, 2002-2004
*Ahmed Farah Ali Idaajaa, Marehan Leading Somali language author. He is also a poet, a researcher and an intellectual.
*Prof. Said S. Samatar, Leelkase, The professor of African history
*Abdirahman Jama Korshel, Warsangali, Ex-Major General and SSRC coup detat
*Ahmed Sulaiman Dafle Dhulbahante Member of SRRC and Interior Minister 1980
*Dr. Mohammed Sheikh Adden, Marehan, Somali intellectual, founder of Somali Technological Advancement
*Ali Dhuuh Aadan Dhulbahante Famous Somali poet
*Carays Ciise Kaarshe, Awrtable, Legendary Somali poet
*Birre, C/Xakiin Maxamed Jaamac, Somali youth leader since 1994
*Zakariya Haji Muhamud,Leelkase Somali Politician And M.P of the current Somali Government.

Darod subclans

* Kablalah
* Tanade
**Fiqi ismaeel


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