Las Khorey

Las Khorey (or Las Qorei, Laas Khoreh, Laasqoray) is an ancient coastal town in the region of Sanaag, Somalia. It has archaeological sites as well as ancient historic buildings. Most of the archaeological sites are still unexplored to the fullest.

The city is famous for its fish factory, the first and only factory of its kind in Somalia, processing mainly yellow-finned tuna, dolphinfriendly. There are some other factories, mainly for metalworks, there as well. This city is surrounded by beautiful mountains known locally as Cal Madow, which has internationally valuable un-exploited mineral deposits and unique natural habitats, which are part of Somalias heritage. Al Medo is considered world-class exploration site with a petroleum system identical to and formerly contiguous with those within the Republic of Yemen.

The port in Las Khorey, which aims to create immediate employment and longer-term livelihoods by redeveloping the former Las Khorey Jetty and Port, which some people says is 400 years old, is an important projetct, so that import and export opportunities can be restored to the North coastal region for the rebuilding of communities and livelihoods. This project is being undertaken with strong and ongoing support from all stakeholders and will involve partnerships with government and social/cultural authorities jointly. This infrastructure and governance Project involves collaboration between the communities in and around Laasqoray and the private sector, including traders in the Northern hinterland to simulate new trade and infrastructural investments in the Las Khorey area.

Las Khorey is peaceful city and once again is famous for its distinctive songs and dance known as Laasqoria and heeladu waa hanaan Laasqoray.

Las Khorey used to be the capital city of the Warsangeli Sultanates, which also have known as the Makhir Coast Sultanate.