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To Fuel the Mideast's Grills, Somalia Smolders                                                                 (25.07.2002) MOGADISHU, Somalia -- Before it ends up in a grill somewhere in the Middle East, searing lamb or beef, Somalia's ''black gold'' travels a perilous road from acacia forests in rural areas to one of the country's busy ports.


Press Release! - No to Igal's Phony Referendum                                                               (06.05.2001) The Warsengeli Community In North America, Minneapolis, Minnesota - We want to make it crystal clear that the Warsangeli people oppose President of Somaliland's proposed referendum in the Sanaag region. Contrary to Igaal's propaganda pronouncements, there is no single Warsengeli elder who has endorsed bringing referendum ballots to the Warsengeli sultanate. The Warsegeli Sultanate is a sovereign state and our people refuse to surrender to secessionist intimidation, blandishments and bribery.


How 'a flower of paradise' is killing Somalia                                                                       (26.12.1992) BAIDOA, SOMALIA - YOUNG men huddle at the edge of the airstrip, machine guns slung over their shoulders, oblivious to the roaring airplane full of foreign food aid they are supposed to help unload. Their eyes are glazed but the conversation is animated, led by a man in an orange T-shirt bearing the words, "I'm the Boss." A wad of green paste inside his cheek sends a trickle of dark liquid down his chin when he talks.


CHRONOLOGY OF SOMALIA’S OIL AND GAS EXPLORATION AGREEMENTS                              The many theatrical mineral exploration developments that took place during the 1980s did not deter the Puntland administration from committing itself to arrange agreements with foreign firms. The exploration plans of just one Australian mining company, Range Resources Ltd, have overwhelmingly dominated the activities of Puntland administration, led by Mohamud Muse Hersi. From the outset, these activities do resemble of the numerous contractual arrangements that have been made by a couple of foreign investors during the 1980s.


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